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Holiday Hill Inn & Suites
352 Route 28
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 800-333-2569, 508-394-5577   
Holiday Hill Inn & Suites, Dennis Lodging    
Oceanside Condominiums
154 Old Wharf Road
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 508-394-5359   
Oceanside Condominiums, Dennis Lodging    
Scargo Manor
909 Main St.
Dennis, MA  02638
Phone: 800-595-0034, 508-385-5534   
Scargo Manor, Dennis Lodging    
Airline Mobile Home Park
310 Old Chatham Rd
South Dennis, MA  02660
Phone: 508-385-3616   
Airline Mobile Home Park , Dennis Lodging    
Barnacle Motel
221 Main Street
West Dennis, MA  02670
Phone: 508-394-8472   
Barnacle Motel, Dennis Lodging    
By the Sea Guests
57 Chase Avenue & Inman Road Extension
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 508-398-8685, 800-447-9202   
By the Sea Guests, Dennis Lodging    
Campers Haven Campground
184 Old Wharf Road
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 508-398-2811   
Campers Haven Campground, Dennis Lodging    
Captain Judah Paddock House
1554 Rt 6 A
Dennis, MA  02638
Phone: 508-385-9959   
Captain Judah Paddock House, Dennis Lodging    
Captain Nickerson Inn
333 Main St.
Dennis, MA  02638
Phone: 508-398-5966   
Captain Nickerson Inn , Dennis Lodging    
Colony Beach Motel
413 Old Wharf Road
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 866-562-1709   
Colony Beach Motel, Dennis Lodging    
Cove Bluffs Motel
25 Seaview Rd
Eastham, MA  02642
Phone: 508-240-1616   
Cove Bluffs Motel, Dennis Lodging    
Doryman Motel
73 Sea Street
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 508-394-0000   
Doryman Motel, Dennis Lodging    
Edgewater Beach Resort
95 Chase Avenue
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 508-398-6922   
Edgewater Beach Resort, Dennis Lodging    
Gaslight Motel
82 Chase Avenue
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 877-398-8831   
Gaslight Motel , Dennis Lodging    
Grindell's Family Rv Park Inc
61 Old Wharf Road
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 508-398-2671   
Grindell's Family Rv Park Inc, Dennis Lodging    
Inn at Swan River
829 Route 28
West Dennis, MA  02670
Phone: 800-628-0498, 508-394-5415   
Inn at Swan River, Dennis Lodging    
Isaiah Hall B&B Inn
152 Whig St
Dennis, MA  02638
Phone: 508-385-9928   
Isaiah Hall B&B Inn , Dennis Lodging    
Joy House B&B
181 Depot Street
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 1-877-569-4687   
Joy House B&B, Dennis Lodging    
Kingfisher Lodging
177 Main Street
Dennis, MA  02638
Phone: 800-341-5844   
Kingfisher Lodging, Dennis Lodging    
Old Landing Motel
15 Sea St
Dennis, MA  02638
Phone: 508-398-5921   
Old Landing Motel, Dennis Lodging    
Pilgrim's Haven Cottages
11 Pine St.
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Pilgrim's Haven Cottages, Dennis Lodging    
Pine Cove Inn
5 Old Main Street
West Dennis, MA  02670
Phone: 508-760-6690   
Pine Cove Inn, Dennis Lodging    
Sea Shell Motel
45 Chase Ave
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 508-398-8965   
Sea Shell Motel, Dennis Lodging    
Seaside Resort
27 Old Wharf Rd
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 508-398-6987   
Seaside Resort, Dennis Lodging    
Sesuit Harbor House
1421 Main Street
East Dennis, MA  02641
Phone: 508-385-3326   
Sesuit Harbor House, Dennis Lodging    
Shifting Sands Motel
9 Chase Ave
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 508-398-9145   
Shifting Sands Motel, Dennis Lodging    
Skipper Motel
183 Captain Chase Road
Dennis, MA  02638
Phone: 508-398-3952   
Skipper Motel, Dennis Lodging    
The Breakers Resort
61 Chase Ave
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 866-539-0036?   
The Breakers Resort, Dennis Lodging    
The Briarcliffe Motel
203 Route 6A
Dennis, MA  02638
Phone: 508-385-3464   
The Briarcliffe Motel, Dennis Lodging    
The Dennis Inn
25 Scarsdale Road, P.O. Box 445
Dennis, MA  02638
Phone: 800-564-3496, 508-385-6571   
The Dennis Inn, Dennis Lodging    
The Lighthouse Inn
1 Lighthouse Inn Road, P.O. Box 128
West Dennis, MA  02670
Phone: 508-398-2244   
The Lighthouse Inn, Dennis Lodging    
The Soundings Seaside Resort
79 Chase Avenue
Dennis Port, MA  02639
Phone: 508-394-6561   
The Soundings Seaside Resort, Dennis Lodging    

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