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Brewster Day Camp
Route 6A
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-6555   
Brewster Day Camp, Brewster Lodging    
Bramble Inn
Route 6A , P.O. Box 807
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-7644   
Bramble Inn, Brewster Lodging    
Brewster Green Resort
203 Lund Farm Way
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-7551   
Brewster Green Resort, Brewster Lodging    
Brewster by The Sea
716 Main Street
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-3910, 800-892-3910   
Brewster by The Sea, Brewster Lodging    
Camp Favorite
Crowell Bog Road
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-3831   
Camp Favorite , Brewster Lodging    
Cape Cod Sea Camps
3057 Main Street, P.O. Box 1880
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-3451   
Cape Cod Sea Camps, Brewster Lodging    
Dream Day On Cape Cod
1584 Deer Park Road
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-8949   
Dream Day On Cape Cod, Brewster Lodging    
Isaiah Clark House
1187 Main St
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-2223, 800-822-4001   
Isaiah Clark House, Brewster Lodging    
Nickerson State Park
Rte. 6A
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-3491   
Nickerson State Park, Brewster Lodging    
Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club
Route 6A
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-9000, 800-343-6074   
Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club, Brewster Lodging    
Old Sea Pines Inn
2553 Main Street - P.O. Box 1070
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-6114   
Old Sea Pines Inn, Brewster Lodging    
Pepper House Inn
2062 Main Street Rt. 6A
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-2062, 888-896-2062   
Pepper House Inn, Brewster Lodging    
Shady Knoll Campground
Route 6A
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-3002   
Shady Knoll Campground, Brewster Lodging    
Sweetwater Forest
676 Harwich Rd, (Rte.124)
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-3773   
Sweetwater Forest, Brewster Lodging    
The Briarcliffe Motel
203 Route 6A
Dennis, MA  02638
Phone: 508-385-3464   
The Briarcliffe Motel, Brewster Lodging    

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